We Believe

At Marsh Grove Community Church, we believe and teach:

God’s Revelation and Scripture

We believe that the Scripture is the divinely inspired word of God given to humanity by God as a means of revealing Himself to His creation alongside creation itself as evidence of His work. It is through the efforts of men chosen by God that have written His words under the direct guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to reveal to humanity what we must do to please God and maintain fellowship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ by faith in Him.

The Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

We believe God is one existing eternally in three persons of the Father, the Son, who is Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Each of which have the same essence, attributes, and holiness without eliminating the unique quality of each person in the Godhead.

Creation, Humanity and Sin

We believe that in six days God created all that we see and know today in terms of the earth, moon, stars, sun and all the other planets as well as the Angels that exist in our universe today which God placed humanity. Created in God’s own image and likeness, it was through humanity that Satan, a fallen angel and created being of God tempted Eve, who in turn Adam listened and ate the forbidden fruit and thereby bringing sin into God’s perfect creation.


We believe that salvation is only available through faith in the work of Jesus Christ through which we gain eternal life. And that upon faith we are sealed by the Holy Spirit, even in death until the inauguration of His Second Coming, we along with those in the grave will be taken with Him into Heaven to be with Him forever.

The Church and Sanctification

We believe the Church exist as a community of believers that have been set apart, called to righteousness. New believers are brought into this community upon confession of faith in Christ whereby we are baptized into the faith as a testimony of faith. And then allowed to participate in the Lord’s Supper in proclamation of His death and resurrection conquering sin and the new life we have in Christ.

The Return of our Lord and Savior

We believe Jesus in the future, will physically return to the earth, first to rapture His Church. After which all of creation will begin to experience the judgments of God during the tribulation and Great tribulation for seven years. During which Satan will manifest himself in the Dragon, the Beast, and the False prophet. Then Christ will return with the Saints to set up His millennial Kingdom and afterwards judge the unrighteous recreating the earth to its Edenic state.